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"He said I live in a bubble. More of a bubble than Las Vegas? I would suggest that Mr. Wynn look to his left and right and find anyone in his sphere that says anything but 'yes' to him." George Clooney, actor, responding to comments made by casino magnate Steve Wynn.

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George Clooney & Brad Pitt's Las Vegas casino not happening

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Famous names we know that are, actually, high rollers

Dana White – Dana White is owner of the UFC, a global sporting event that generates enormous amounts of pay per view revenue. Dana is a huge Vegas tipper, known to be leaving over $100k tips to blackjack dealers and 5 figure tips for perfectly cooked steaks. Dana is a high roller of the classiest type.
Michael Jordan – Possibly one of the greatest athletes of all time whose first retirement was rumoured to be due to his gambling (problem) has been known to be a genuine real money player and a star high roller. Mr Jordan's loss of over $1 million over a game of golf is still the talk of the gambling world.
Ben Affleck – An actor whose extreme gambling lifestyle lead to a divorce, Ben Affleck is known for being a high roller and a highly skilled card counter who, due to his skill, has been physically removed from at least two casinos.
George Clooney – Mr Clooney may just be what gamblers think of when they think of a Vegas whale. Known for his love of gambling, the actor visits Las Vegas casinos every time he is in town. Although rumoured to have poor luck at the tables, he never misses out on a good game.
Tiger Woods – In high roller circles, Tiger is known for going as far as playing $25K/hands of blackjack. Now, that should answer your question: What's a high roller?, shouldn’t it?
John McCain – An incredible fundraiser and a successful business owner, McCain is known for his love of gamble and dice sessions that last for 12+ hours. He is a high roller that's well known in gambling circles.
Although the high rollers listed are from the celebrity world, that doesn't mean all high rollers must come from the red carpet. However, becoming a high roller has the power to turn even a regular person into a celebrity, at least in the gambling univer­se. ­ ­
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Ocean’s eleven in gta online ?!?

When I was playing the new update and I was doing Some of the missions that you get when you call miss baker I got this mission
When you start the mission you first need to eliminate one Guy first to steal a keycard. After stealing the card you need to go to a place Where 6 guys are planning a Heist on the casino After backing the laptop that the Guy’s keep there you need to eliminate 4 other crew members
For everybody that doesn’t know what ocean’s eleven is I Will give a small explanation of the story. Ocean’s eleven is About George Clooney getting out of prison and getting together his crew of 11 persons including himself to try and rob three of the biggest casino’s of las Vegas
My evidence for my theory is as follows First- miss baker mentions that there are crews trying to rob the casino after seeing a “vinewood” movie, making the mention to the movie Two- there are a Total of 11 Guy’s you need to kill to complete the mission being the second reference to the movie Three and last- that the Guy’s are trying to rob the biggest (and only) casino in the CITY just like in the movie
If this is not what the intended, then it is just a cool coincidence. But if it is intentionel i think this is a cool reference to a cool movie
Thank you for Reading my half-Assed funny reference theory
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There will be NO Public Tickets for the Nevada Debate.

Just talked to the Nevada DNC. Earlier they had said that there might be public seats at the October 13th debate in Las Vegas. People were leaving there name, number and email for a possible lottery type system to get tickets. Now there will be no tickets given. They say the venue will be too small even though it is hosted at the Wynn casino which has two theaters and a massive convention center.This is the Wynn casino owned by Steve Wynn who last year called Obama an Asshole even though he is a supposed supporter of Democrats.
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UGH, CP24, a 24h news channel has a "psychic" on their show.

It disgusts me, espeically since they are discussing the Royal Wedding. They say she predicted the Japan hurricane and the death and issues with others. Well I went to her site (which I don't want to link to to give it hits) and here are her predictions for 2011:
"World Predictions
A terrorist attack in Toronto. A gold rush in Hawaii. President Obama has to be careful of parades. President Obama’s children in danger. Danger around President Obama. Syria at war with the United States, the new Iraq. More UFO sightings. The Thames River poisoned in a terrorist attack. Two planes over Washington DC, United States, collide and crash. Mine disaster Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Israel and Iran at war. A powerful quake rocks Chicago, Illinois. A roller coaster will go out of control at a theme park in the US injuring many. The world’s first brain transplant. A huge breakthrough in the cure for dementia and Alzheimer’s. A dense fog - the worst in fifty years - disrupts air travel and transportation woes in London, England A bionic eye will be invented by a French scientist. Hillary Clinton nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. A Japanese plane is hijacked on the way to Singapore from Tokyo, Japan. A disease around maple trees. A worm destroys the tea plant and plantations in Sri Lanka. A UFO in the shape of a horseshoe hovers over Roswell, New Mexico. A towering inferno in San Francisco. The world’s largest salmon will be caught in British Columbia. A Hollywood starlet will give birth to a dwarf. The area of Brentwood in Los Angeles on fire. North Korea and South Korea at war. The worst landslides in California history destroy thousands of homes. A Paris suburb on fire. An oil spill in the Persian Gulf. Terrorist attack in Manila in the Philippines. A biological attack on a US city. A cruise ship on fire destroying hundreds of lives. A space tragedy. An explosion at an American Airforce base. A terrorist attack at the Statue of Liberty in New York. A terrorist attack at Grand Central Station in New York. A bridge blows up in the United States. Two trains collide in southern England killing many. A blimp explodes in Germany. An explosion at an American Express office in Europe. A heist in Louisville, Kentucky. A horse and jockey pass away at the Kentucky Derby. A cruise ship turns upside down after an underwater earthquake under the Adriatic Sea. Danger and health woes Hillary Clinton. A prison riot New York. Prison breakout and riot San Quentin. A giant spider’s nest will be found in South America. Polar bears and penguins moving south due to global warming. Another oil spill in the Persian Gulf. Widespread damage when a meteorite hits two states in the southwestern United States. Bill Clinton has to watch his health Biological attack on the US and Britain. A world wide computer virus. Terrorist attacks in Germany, London, England, Los Angeles, New York and Chicago. An avalanche in Italy. Sex scandal around a famous political person in Washington, DC, USA. A terrorist attack in Paris, France. Sarkozy in danger. A trampese artist will fall at a circus. A Turkish airliner is hijacked and blown up. The largest emerald in the world is found near Bogota, Columbia. A new species of octopus is found in the Mediterranean Sea. An arrest in the Jon Benet Ramsey case. Passing of Fidel Castro. An arrest in the Madeline McCann case. A gorilla escapes from a German zoo injuring many. A US naval ship is hijacked. A tsunami in Japan. The Empire State Building on fire. Earthquake in the Grand Canyon. Pandemic in Africa spreading worldwide. A huge earthquake in Japan. North Korea will attack Japan. A terrorist attack Los Angeles. Terrorist attack in Vancouver. Stock market up and down from one extreme to another. Government change in Indonesia. Uprising in Venezuela. Chavez in danger. The painting of the Mona Lisa will be stolen. A politician's children will be kidnapped. The Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York will burn down. A terrorist attack on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, California. A plane will crash into the Hollywood sign in LA. Mount St. Helens will erupt. Earthquake in Seattle and Oregon. Parts of the polar ice cap will melt. Two subways will collide head on in New York City. Madam Tussard's wax museum in London, England will burn after a massive fire. Dick Cheney has to watch his health. A large American newspaper will go bankrupt. A new cat burglar in the South of France will rob the rich like in the movie 'To Catch A Thief'. Sir Richard Branson in danger. Life on other planets is stronger when new evidence is gathered. A pill that makes you younger within thirty days. Breakthroughs in the mystery of autism. A Las Vegas hotel and casino on fire.
Star Predictions
The movie The Black Swan will be nominated for an Oscar. Natalie Portman will be nominated for an Oscar. George Clooney will marry. A remake of the movie The Godfather. A remake of the movie Scarface. Loretta Lynn has to watch health A remake of the movie Jaws in 3D. The TV series Boardwalk Empire will win many Emmy awards. Lady Gaga will turn to acting as well as music. Katy Perry will be a mermaid in a music video. A remake of the movie Cleopatra. Queen Latifah will play in either on Broadway or TV, or a biography and I see her replacing someone on the View. Rosie O’Donnell makes a comeback. Pricilla Presley has to watch her health. Justin Beiber has to watch his health and danger. Warren Beatty and Annette Bening will split. Justin Beiber will win lots of awards. Health watch - Aretha Franklin. Health problems - Shirley Maclaine Health problems - Melanie Griffith. Paris Hilton kidnapped for ransom. Paul Anka divorce. Bristol Palin engagement, but be careful of skiing and driving. Former Hollywood Madam Heidi Fleiss danger and health problems. Tiger Woods has to be careful of planes. Taylor Swift has to be careful of transportation – cars, planes, etc. Mel Gibson will move to Australia and has to watch health. Christine Agilera will pose for Playboy. Josh Brolin and Diane Lane will separate. Whoopi Goldberg will quit the View. Kim Kardashian baby and marriage. Nick Cage will split from wife. Alex Baldwin will run for politics. Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry will produce a blockbuster movie which will be a hit. Lady Gaga will appear in a Hollywood movie. Kate Goslin will remarry. Snookie from Jersey Shore has to watch for injury. There will be another TV series: 'Singing With The Stars'. A Hollywood hunk will save a child from drowning. Halley Berry will have another child. A movie starlet will have triplets. Betty White has to watch health although I see her receiving a lot of awards. Tippi Hendren in danger. A marriage for Angelina Jolie. A marriage for Jennifer Anniston and baby. A child for George Clooney. Howie Mandel has to watch health. A Hollywood starlet’s signifigant other has to be careful of their signifigant other on a motorcycle. Rachel McAdams will have her own sitcom. Madonna will open her own hotel. Donald Trump will be successful in politics. Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas has to watch her marriage. A Victoria secret model will be kidnapped for ransom. Ellen Page will be an advocate for the environment Hulk Hogan has to watch health Elizabeth Taylor health woes A famous comedian will run for politics Danny Glover has to watch health. Hugh Hefner has to watch health. A fire at the Playboy Mansion Kristy Alley has to watch health. Another Hollywood hunk will confess to being gay. The success of his reality series Gene Simmons - will produce a feature film based on his TV series With the success of 'Dancing With The Stars', dance studios will open all over the world. Dance clubs like the discos of the seventies and eighties will open up again Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes will split.
Wild Weather Predictions
Category five hurricane wipes out Miami. The worst mudslides in California’s history will occur. Mount St. Helens erupting. Earthquake Seattle, Washington. Earthquake Chicago, Illinois. Part of the polar ice cap melts. Wildfires spread to Beverley Hills and Los Angeles, Brentwood. More tsunamis Sumatra Indonesia, Alaska, Hawaii and Japan. A great earthquake in Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego. Earthquake Lake Tahoe. Earthquake Toronto and Quebec. Earthquake Oregon. Earthquake Grand Canyon. Earthquake New York, Alaska, Japan, Greece. Earthquake British Columbia, China and Iran. Tornado in California. Floods Amsterdam, Holland, Rhine River, Germany, Bangladesh, Great Britain. Venice, Italy, Gulf Coast of Florida and France. Tsunami Malibu, California. Wildfires Greece, Australia, Texas, Hawaii. Mudslides in India, California. Typhoon in Taiwan. Tornadoes Oklahoma, Indiana, Texas, Illinois, Tennessee. Great earthquake Rome and Naples, Italy. Huge snowstorm and blizzards up the eastern seaboard affecting the great lakes – Toronto, Chicago, New York, Boston, etc. Earthquake Yosemite and Yellowstone Park.
[continued in comments as it's too long]
It's really fucking easy to say you are psychic when a few of your 200+ predictions comes true - that's just probability. It disgusts me that is on a news channel, promoting false claims and the validity of psychics.
edit: added organizaton
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Anthony Hopkins on Las Vegas, Michael Bay & George Clooney ... TikTik George Clooney play Craps in Las Vegas after drink ... Las Vegas Surveillance - Cheats And Scams - YouTube George Clooney in Las Vegas - YouTube George Clooney filming at Las Vegas Airport -UP IN THE AIR ...

George Clooney stormed out of a dinner with Las Vegas casino mogul Steve Wynn, claiming that the billionaire had insulted President Barack Obama. Las Vegas - George Clooney gilt als smarter, gelassener Gentleman, den nichts aus der Ruhe bringen kann. Doch jetzt hat er bei einem Geschäftsessen in Las Vegas die Beherrschung verloren. Cofounders Rande Gerber (L) and George Clooney attend Casamigos Halloween party at CATCH Las Vegas at ARIA Resort & Casino. Denise Truscello George Clooney and Rande Gerber's Casamigos tequila brand threw not one, but two of its famous Halloween parties this year — one in Beverly Hills on Friday, and a second in Las Vegas on Saturday. Las Vegas : George Clooneys Casino-Pläne vorerst geplatzt. Ein Milliarden-Bauvorhaben in Las Vegas, mit George Clooney und Cindy Crawfords Ehemann Rande Gerber als Investoren, ist vorerst auf Eis ... Clooney Involved in Las Ramblas Actor George Clooney and nightclub owner Rande Gerber are joining locally based Centra Properties and Related Las Vegas in the development of a $3-billion hotel, condominium and casino complex to be located just off the Strip in the Harmon Corridor. The development will cover 25 acres and include 11 towers. Las Ramblas will include a luxury hotel, luxury ... Las Vegas (rpo). George Clooney wird nun doch kein Geld in Las Vegas scheffeln. Stattdessen spendet er für gute Zwecke. Ursprünglich hatte der Schauspieler

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Anthony Hopkins on Las Vegas, Michael Bay & George Clooney ...

Ocean`s Eleven: Kaum aus dem Gefängnis entlassen, plant der elegante Gauner Danny Ocean (George Clooney) in Las Vegas den Coup seines Lebens: Er will die drei größten Casinos der Stadt ... George Clooney clip-See also George Clooney filming a scene for "Up in the Air" at the McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas in May of 2009 THIS VIDEO IS SHOT AND OWNED BY ERIC FOR... Documentary set in las vegas with cheats and scams caught on camera and how the casinos find cheats Anthony talks about his paintings, visiting Las Vegas, meeting George Clooney and reveals why he thinks Michael Bay is one of the greatest directors of all t... About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators ...